Boomtop (treetop)

For the new label Ping & Moos I designed a product in line with their concept 'een beetje buiten' (a little outside).

Ping & Moos is a label of graphic designer Inge Stevens, she wrote some rhymes about nature in the city and made a series of beautiful illustrations around these poems. I translated her concept and illustrations into a functional object. This resulted in ‘Boomtop’: a vase, flower or herb pot shaped like a tree with a matching watering can bird sitting on a branch. When the watering can is used the branch becomes a place to check and regulate the water level. The product is designed for children and their parents to nurture and appreciate plants in their home.


Boomtop is made of fine-bone china porcelain, glazed white and the bird partly blue. I worked out the product concept, the design and I realised the first porcelain prototypes.


product: flower- or herb pot and watering can

commissioned: Ping & Moos

first 3 pictures: final product, last 2 pictures: prototype


Boomtop is for sale (from November 2014) through: