Delta was inspired by the most beautiful and precious element on our planet. Fresh water is one of the most important conditions for life. But we do not see or treat it like something valuable. Normally water goes the shortest possible way down the drain, leaving no time for conscious use.


Delta is a tap and washbasin duo, based on the idea to lengthen the way of water in the bathroom. It consists of two ceramic landscapes hanging above each other. The water starts to flow up right under your hands when you turn the knob. Easily it streams down to the fall, like a river through the landscape. The water has left its traces in the ceramics in the process of making the tap, these waves make it look like a natural stream. Using the quality of liquid to seek the lowest point, the water easily finds its way through the landscape of the washbasin to the drain.


Besides giving the pleasure of washing your hands in a natural stream, Delta gives you a moment to become aware of the value of water.


product: ceramic washbasin and tap

production: working prototype, Studio Janina Loeve

material: glazed ceramics and copper fittings

credits: first photograph by Lisa Klappe