Besides being healthy and tasty, vegetables are beautiful plants. But we don't notice this attractive side anymore. Most of us think of them as being time taking side dishes. But they are one of the most important parts of our menu. Fresh vegetables and herbs give us endless possibilities to combine. And the seasons apply us naturally with the best variation you can get.


Divers vegetables form a bouquet of colors, smells and tastes. Well matching vegetables and herbs of the season, form a temptation for the eye. And prepared following the recipe on the package, they become a sensation to taste. Bouquets that will tempt you to eat healthy and divers.

1st prize LDA Award 2011, Limburg Design Association


Concept / exhibition

Product: silkscreen printed napkins with recipe

Photo series: 4 photographs of vegetable bouquets, edition of 50 prints (30x40 cm)

numbered and signed, photographs: Janina Loeve

Commissioned (last 2 photo's): Provincie Limburg, b2b event TEFAF


For more information, click on this link to download a product sheet.