Tettonica is a series of furniture designed to bring landscape qualities into the interior, like spaciousness and organic shapes. The coffee table has lots of surface to use and due to its shape you can easily move around it. The landscape underneath the tabletop brings an extra dimension to the living room.

The series consists of a coffee table, a side table and a stool. They are all build using as minimal wood as possible to get a sculptural shape. From a flat board of wood series of rings are milled fitting inside each other, like altitude lines on a map. Stacked up alternately they form the volume with an open interior space, like a canyon.

Tettonica series is made of Okoumé multiplex, a light red FSC hardwood, and is finished with a glass tabletop, through which the depth stays visible.
The stool is hollow on both sides, covered on top with a removable wool felt cushion.

products: coffee table, side table and stool
producer: Meamea, Montpellier


For more information, click on this link to download a product sheet.